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Advantages Of Link Building Programs

You can go about building links to your website manually, hire someone to do it for you, or you can take advantage of link building programs. The first method can be very cheap in terms of monetary value, but very expensive in terms of precious time. This is why many look into the latter options of either hiring a service to handle this aspect of their business, or using one of the link building programs or software, or both.

It's not a bad idea to start out doing things on your own at first, so you can obtain a general understanding of how it all works. But as you go on, you may very well decide that you are ready to invest in some sort of help for your link building. When you are going through the slow and tedious process of manually gathering incoming links throughout the internet, you will likely realize that your ability to efficiently maximize your website's success potential is limited. How will you compete with the sites that have thousands of links if you can only do yours one at a time. The answer is you can patiently do it and just wait out the years that it will take you, or you can seek a faster way.

Link building programs come in different shapes and sizes. They offer different time-saving aspects in regards to your link building efforts and many of them are even free. Here are just a few of the ones that are around today.

Link Building Solutions offers a one-way link building plan which is rather unique, and it is also free. Only high-quality websites are accepted into the network and the program currently has 173 of them. It works like this: each qualified member of the program agrees to link to other members within the same program, but these are only one-way links. These sites that you link to do not require a link back.

The HandSubmit One-Way Links Program has been around since 1998 and prides itself on doing modern-time business with old-fashioned ethics. All the web sites included in the program are genuine, and backed by hard-working marketers. The company's motto is "Old-fashioned service on the new frontier." This program costs $175.00 earch year.

Link Dominators is a program that sells you one-way links for 13 cents each. It also posts content on your behalf on various blogs, pings, and submits RSS feeds.

Another tool is called the Fast Directory Submitter, and this too is free. With this tool, you put in your site profile and description just one time and then submit your site to over 2,000 directories.

Comment Kahuna, also one of the free link building programs, allows you to semi-automate your posts on blogs. You can choose your blogs with the help of the software's rank displaying feature so that you only choose those that are of a certain rank, or on a certain platform.

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