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NeverBlue CPA Network Whats In It For You

NeverBlue CPA Network - Whats In It For You

Never Blue Ads, now called simply Neverblue CPA network, was established by the Canadian company Neverblue Media. this company is one of the forerunners as far as CPA networks go, both nationally and abroad, and runs some of the most popular CPA offers on the intnernet. Neverblue offers top level rewards and an extremely user-friendly interface which is one of the reasons that it is so liked among its users.

It only takes a couple of minutes to start the sign-up process with Never Blue. You need to fill out an application which asks you for personal information, the websites you are running, how much you intend to spend on promoting your offers and what methods you will use to promote them. After you've submitted your application, you'll be called by one of the Never Blue CPA representatives who will then perform a telephone interview basically just verifying what you have stated in your application. so, of course, it's important that you be consistent with what you have written in the application when you answer these questions.

Once you are accepted, you will be assigned to an affiliate manager who will be in close contact with you so as to match your needs with the offers that they are promoting. From this stage forward, you can just login to the control panel with the username and password that you created in your application and start searching for offers.

Never Blue CPA affiliate commissions are paid on a net-30 pay period and by check. PayPal payments are also available but you will need to specifically request this type of payment method from your affiliate manager.

Another great feature of Neverblue is that it will pay you after you've earned more than $25, which is considerably lower than many other CPA networks.

Never Blue also works on a two-tier commission basis so you can earn from recruiting other affiliates into the program as well. You have a choice of earning either $2.00 per person that you recruit or a 2% commission for life.

Never Blue offers something for any type of affiliate. . . well over 700 offers and 22 categories including dating, weight loss, email & zip submits, health, ring tones and much more. Neverbue also holds many offers that are exclusive to them and their payouts are high on all offers.

The Never Blue CPA network is also very popular because of the suport it offers its affiliates. Once you join Never Blue, you can contact your affiliate manager via email, phone or fax and they are very quick to reply and extremely helpful in getting you on track. Remember, when you make money, so does your manager so he or she will do the best he/she can for you!

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